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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

Can’t give money, but want to help out the Historical Society – try contributing goods or services instead. With prior approval and consistent with our needs, the Lewis County Historical Society accepts in-kind contributions from donors and sponsors. And we are more than happy to show the community that you care by crediting you appropriately for doing so!

In-kind goods include things like computer and office equipment, construction and home improvement materials, office furniture and supplies, vehicles, and food and beverages. Goods may also be intangible, such as advertising or copyrights, and they may be used, surplus, brand new or even loaned. In-kind services, on the other hand, are professional services donated by groups such as corporations, small businesses, vendors, colleges, individual professionals or tradespeople. For example, your organization could give legal or accounting help, publishing support or overnight accommodations.

In the past, the Historical Society has accepted such things as:

  • Food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, for its events and programs;
  • Office furniture, equipment and supplies for its use at the Temple;
  • Computer and technology equipment and supplies;
  • Lumber, paint, and constructions supplies; and
  • Legal services, accounting services, architectural services, engineering services, contractor and construction services, technology support, landscaping services, overnight accommodations and printing and publishing services.

If you are interested in helping us through In-Kind Contributions, please reach out and contact our Office Manager, Cole Mullin, at 315-376-8957 or at, or swing by the Temple and see him.