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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

Our Preservation Committee is currently hard at work on an Historical Guide to Lewis County, as well as various driving and walking tour pamphlets, which we hope will become a “must-have” publications when complete, not only to promote heritage tourism in our area, but for the average person just driving around our county or walking around our communities and interested in our history.

With coverage ranging from the Tug Hill plateau across the Black River Valley and into the western Adirondacks and its foothills, these guides are is intended to introduce some of the county’s many historical sites and resources, including museums, libraries and historical societies, National Historic Landmarks and sites on the National Register of Historic Places, significant historic buildings deemed important by the Historical Society, noteworthy historic sites and markers, locations of interest on the Black River Canal and the county’s earliest railroads, old historic churches and cemeteries, and notable war monuments and memorials. We look forward to letting you know when they are complete, so you can acquire copies for yourself, your family and your friends. In the meantime, if you know of a historic building or site that you believe should be listed or at least considered, do not hesitate to contact the Historical Society at 315-376-8957 or at