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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

The Lewis County Historical Society has an active publications program going back over 55 years. Long headlining our writings is the Historical Society’s Journal, but more recently we have augmented our publications not only with our new Historically Lewis Blog, but a variety of curated social media posts.

The first edition of the Lewis County Historical Society Journal consisted of three articles published on a mimeograph machine in the basement of the Lowville Free Library by Arthur Einhorn in December 1966. It was started largely in an effort to promote local history concerning notable people and events, but its focus has become both more refined and expanded over the years.

Traveling in the footsteps of well-known and scholarly county histories written by Franklin B. Hough and G. Byron Bowen, the Journal’s focus remains solid historical research, good storytelling, our own local history and the effects of larger national and world events on our local area and its institutions, economy and people.  At the same time, as historical interests have evolved to focus on neglected groups and events in traditional histories, so too has the current Journal. Past articles about the Patriot War, the equal franchise movement, 1933 milk strike and Native Americans were written by professional historians, locally-appointed historians and amateurs.

The LCHS Journal
The LCHS Journal

Our Historically Lewis Blog picks up on the Journal’s tradition and continues it, as do our curated social media posts.

Charged with developing, implementing and overseeing the publication and promotion of the written works of the Historical Society, through both print and digital media, is our Publications Committee, which is composed of local historians, volunteers and community members and guided by our Editor-in-Chief, John Golden.

The Editor-in-Chief selects and edits the content for our Journal and Historically Lewis Blog, with input from the Publications Committee, which supervises the publication of both. Committee members also recruit volunteer contributors of articles and illustrations to the Journal and solicit and receive content from local historians, students, avid readers and others with an interest in Lewis County history.

Any writer wishing to submit an article should contact Editor-in-Chief John Golden by email at, or the Historical Society by email at or by phone at 315-376-8957.

Articles should be limited to a maximum length of 5,000 words; shorter articles are encouraged. For longer submissions, please first contact our Editor-in-Chief. Text may be simple word-processor documents; no special formatting is required. Images should be submitted as separate .jpeg or .tif files and sized at a minimum 300 pixels or higher.