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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

The Lewis County Historical Society’s Preservation Committee has begun a new, multi-year project designed to capture information about and memorialize the many “lost communities” of Lewis County – communities that once existed and contributed strongly to the County’s development, but for which little or no evidence of their existence remains today. Some of these communities had hundreds of occupants, schools, post offices, churches, hotels, houses, mills, trains stations and the like.

The communities we will be looking at include:  Alpina, Agers Falls, Barrett’s Corners, Beach Hill, Beartown, Bellwod, Bent’s Settlement, Bonaparte, Brewery Hill, Brownville, Boyd, Boynton’s Corners, Bushes Landing, Campbellwood, Collinsville, Crofoot Hill, Cronks Corners, Crystal Dale, Dannatberg, Deer River Station, Deweyville, Diana Station, Dicob’s Corners, Dodge City, East Martinsburg, Eatonville, Edgebert, Forest City, Fowlerville, French Settlement, Gardner’s Corners, Glensdale, Gooville, Gouldtown, Highmarket, Hooker, Houseville, Jerden Falls, Kirschnerville, Kosterville, Lanesburgh, Leyden, Leyden Station, Liberty/Liberty Corners, Locust Grove, Louisburg/Sterling Bush, Millerville, Mohawk Hill, Moose River Settlement, New Boston, Nortonville, Number Four, Oswegatchie Lake, Outterson, Page, Parker’s Corner’s, Pasadena, Paynes Corners, Pinckney Corners, Pinney Settlement, Prussian Settlement, Rector’s Corners, Reedville, Shuetown, Sisterfield, Sperryville, Strife Corners, Stookieville, Van Amber’s Mill, Welsh Settlement, Wetmore, and Windecker.

If anyone has information or pictures concerning any of these communities – or has information or knows of any “lost communities” we are missing – we would appreciate it very much if you would let us know, either by emailing us at, calling us at (315) 376-8957 or stopping by the Temple to see us.