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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

Our People

Our Operating Staff

Inga Davey

Operations Manager

Morgan Aubel

Curatorial Assistant

Our Board

Jonathan W. Miller

President and Director

Watson, NY

Mr. Miller is a recently retired Wall Street lawyer.

Lydia Miller

Vice President and Director

Ottawa, ON

Ms. Miller is the Chief Architect, Built Heritage for Parks Canada.

Susan Merrell

Secretary and Director

Lowville, NY

Ms. Merrell is the NYS Deputy Director for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Linda Dening

Treasurer and Director

West Martinsburg, NY

Ms. Dening is a recently retired professor of accounting at Jefferson Community College.

Kelly Adsit


Lowville, NY

Ms. Adsit is a kindergarten teacher at Lowville Academy and Central School and a member of various other community organizations.

Lori Atkinson


Denmark, NY

Ms. Atkinson is a long-time English teacher and educator at Copenhagen Central School, 2023 NYS Teacher of the Year finalist, recipient of the 2022 Excellence in Teaching Award, and active in the community as a lover of history.

Debra Barnard


Lowville, NY

Ms. Barnard is a recently retired primary school teacher, having taught in Westchester and Lewis Counties.

Jill Bush


Croghan, NY

Ms. Bush is a retired manager of Key Bank in Croghan, a former businesswoman and has been active in the community with various boards and organizations.

Hamish Davey


Lowville, NY

Mr. Davey is a local businessman and real estate investor and active in the community on various other boards and civic organizations.

Arlene Hall


Lowville, NY

Ms. Hall is a retired Executive Director of Mountain View Prevention Services and currently works at a local law firm. She has previously served as the director-curator of the Lewis County Historical Society and Constable Hall and as a long-time school board member for Lowville Academy and Central School.  

Peter Hayes


Constableville, NY

Mr. Hayes is the curator of the Constable Hall Association, the village historian for Constableville, the town historian for the town of West Turin and a member of various other boards and organizations.

Linda Hornig


Lowville, NY

Ms. Hornig is retired from Lewis County Community Mental Health.

Mary Kelley


Martinsburg, NY

Ms. Kelley is the Clerk for the Town of Martinsburg and a member of various other boards.

Jeanne McLaughlin


Lowville, NY

Ms. McLaughlin is a recently retired long-time English teacher and Department Chair at Lowville Academy and Central School.

Robert Meekins


Lowville, NY

Mr. Meekins is a long-time interior designer and real estate professional, former chair of the Lowville Academy and Central School Board, and active in the community with various other boards and organizations. 

Cole Mullin


Glenfield, NY

Mr. Mullin is a teacher at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center on the Glenfield Campus of Jefferson-Lewis BOCES, the former office manager of the Lewis County Historical Society and a local small business owner and entrepreneur.

Daniel Root, MD


Chase’s Lake, NY

Dr. Root is a recently retired Family Physician.

Jacob Steria


Lowville, NY

Mr. Steria is a high school history teacher and coach at Lowville Academy and Central School.

Our Trustee Directory

Since the founding of the Lewis County Historical Society many people have generously given their time and energy to serve as trustees or directors of the Historical Society over the years. The list below is but one example of the depth and breadth of the support we have received from our North Country community.

  • Alexander, Loretta (W. Martinsburg)
  • Allen, David (Martinsburg)
  • Allen, Jane (Brantingham; Lyons Falls)
  • Andelora, David (Lowville)
  • Arthur, Dorothy (Lowville)
  • Asafaylo, Ron (Glenfield; Watson)
  • Atkinson, Adam (Harrisville)
  • Barnard, Debra (Lowville)
  • Beagle, Charlotte (Lowville)
  • Bezer, Grace (Lowville)
  • Boissy, Joseph (Lowville)
  • Boissy, Rosalee (Lowville)
  • Bowen, G. Byron (Lowville)
  • Brown, Eleanor (Lowville)
  • Bunke, Charles (Watson)
  • Burrow, John (Lyons Falls)
  • Byrnes, Anthony (Brantingham)
  • Carter, Milton (Lowville)
  • Cataldo, George (Greig)
  • Chamberlain, Millard (Croghan)
  • Coddington, Herbert (Lowville)
  • Cook, Herbert (Denmark)
  • Cook, Oren (Lyons Falls)
  • Cooper, James (Turin)
  • Cornwall, Grace (Beaver Falls)
  • Cox, Marie (Port Leyden)
  • Cox, Sidney (Turin)
  • Crawford, Anna (Lowville)
  • Davey, Derek (Lowville)
  • Davey, Hamish (Lowville)
  • Davis, George (Lowville)
  • DeLair, Duane (Constableville)
  • Dening, Linda (West Martinsburg)
  • DeStefanis, Pat (Philadelphia)
  • Dryja, Chris (Lowville)
  • Duflo, Tom (Lowville)
  • Easton, William (Lowville)
  • Einhorn, Arthur (Lowville)
  • Faduski, Robert (Lyons Falls)
  • Farney, Joan (Lyons Falls)
  • Fidler, Mitch (New Bremen)
  • Field, Eleanor (Lowville)
  • Fisher, Clarence (Lyons Falls)
  • Fisher, Melissa Ingals (Lyons Falls)
  • Foster, Marie (Castorland)
  • Fowler, Cora (Lowville)
  • Fowler, Lyndsay (Lowville)
  • Fowler, Philip (Lowville)
  • Fowler, Terrance (Watson)
  • Foy, Francis (Deer River)
  • Franke, Margaret (Turin)
  • French, Marie (Castorland)
  • Gaveley, Jack (Lowville)
  • Grant, Margaretta (Lowville)
  • Griffith, Dickinson (Lowville)
  • Guignard, Tom (Lowville)
  • Gunn, Catherine Nells (Albany)
  • Hall, Arlene (Lowville)
  • Halladay, Laurie (Croghan)
  • Hanno, Thomas (Lowville)
  • Hart, Wilhelmina (Turin)
  • Harville, Sue (Denmark)
  • Henry, Harry (Copenhagen)
  • Higby, Rita (West Leyden)
  • Hornig, Linda (Lowville)
  • Hulbert, Ada (Lowville)
  • Hulbert, Clarence (Lowville)
  • Ingalls, Everett (Turin)
  • Iocovozzi, Mary (Lowville)
  • Johnson, Clarence (Glenfield)
  • Johnson, Ed (Lyons Falls)
  • Kellerhals, William (Port Leyden)
  • Kelley, Mary (Martinsburg)
  • Kilpatrick, Olive (Lowville)
  • King, Marion (Lowville)
  • Kirley, Pauline (Lowville)
  • Knapp, Nancy (Denmark)
  • Kraeger, Dennis (Lowville)
  • Krokowski, Karl (Glenfield)
  • Laribee, George (Lowville)
  • Levesque, Marie (Brantingham)
  • Levesque, Will (Brantingham)
  • Liscum, Jane (Lowville)
  • Loessi, Genevieve (Beaver Falls)
  • MacKenzie, Vera (Lowville)
  • Mangan, Robin (Port Leyden)
  • Markham, Ethel (Turin; Brantingham)
  • Markham, Rita (Turin)
  • McArdle, Kevin (W. Martinsburg)
  • McGuire, Genevieve (Lowville; Number Four)
  • McHale, Helen (Port Leyden)
  • Meekins, Robert (Lowville)
  • Merrell, Anne (Lowville)
  • Merrell, Susan (Lowville)
  • Mihalyi, Charles (Glenfield)
  • Mihalyi, Louis (Glenfield)
  • Mihalyi, Mildred (Glenfield)
  • Miller, Charlotte (Lowville)
  • Miller, Christopher (Lowville)
  • Miller, Glenn (Martinsburg)
  • Miller, Jonathan W. (Watson)
  • Miller, Lydia (Ottawa)
  • Milligan, Martha (Lowville)
  • Moore, William (Lowville)
  • Morrow, Elizabeth (Croghan)
  • Mullin, Cole (Glenfield)
  • Mumford, Brian (Lowville)
  • Mumford, John (Lowville)
  • Munk, Martha (Lowville)
  • Munn, Fern (Lowville)
  • O’Shea, Audrey (Lowville)
  • Opela, Marian (New Bremen)
  • Parker, Susie (Lowville)
  • Parkhurst, Lyle (Lyons Falls)
  • Parry, Jean (Lyons Falls)
  • Payne, Peter (Constableville)
  • Pelton, Leonard (Lowville)
  • Perfetto, Lida (Croghan)
  • Perrin, Jerry (Talcottville)
  • Pfaff, Larry (Lyons Falls)
  • Philippe, Emily (Lowville)
  • Phillips, Betsy (Lowville)
  • Proulx, Joyce (Castorland)
  • Reed, Mildred (Lowville)
  • Regetz, Sr., Donald (Constableville)
  • Reinhard, Clifford (Lyons Falls)
  • Richman, Allan (Watertown)
  • Roberts, Sandy (Constableville)
  • Rockwood, Ron (Martinsburg)
  • Root, Daniel (Chase’s Lake)
  • Scanlon, Christina (Lowville)
  • Schwartzentruber, Nelson (Martinsburg)
  • Scofield, Grace (Lowville)
  • Sears, Sharon (Lowville)
  • See, Mary (Constableville)
  • Seelof, Vivian (Port Leyden)
  • Seymour, Cyril (Turin)
  • Shaver, Carl (Glenfield)
  • Shaw, Charles (Croghan)
  • Sheldon, Edward (Martinsburg)
  • Sheldon, John (Lyons Falls)
  • Shenkle-O’Neil, Cheryl (DeKalb Junction)
  • Simmer, Ellizabeth (Constableville)
  • Smith, Vivian (Lowville)
  • Spaulding, Tom (Lowville)
  • Stacy, Marilyn (Denmark)
  • Sweeney, Mary (Beaver Falls, Croghan)
  • Sweet, Carmen (Lowville)
  • Switzer, Maurice (Harrisville)
  • Talcott, Emogene (Port Leyden)
  • Teal, Mary (Lyons Falls)
  • Thomas, Jane (Glenfield; Lowville)
  • Trainham, Bonnie (Copenhagen)
  • Van Arnam, Lewis (Beaver Falls)
  • Vargo, Donna (Belfort)
  • Virkler, Carolyn (Croghan)
  • Vora, Sheree (Lowville)
  • Wallace, Kathleen (Lowville)
  • Williams, Ruth (Turin)
  • Woolshlager, Ruth (Lyons Falls)
  • Worczak, Barry (Lyons Falls)
  • Yancey, Patricia (Lowville)
  • Ziemke, Kathy (Lowville)
  • Steria, Jake (Lowville)

We are proud to recognize all of the people who have acted as trustees or directors of the Historical Society over the years.

The Historical Society’s Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame honors individuals and families who have made noteworthy contributions to the history of the Lewis County community.

Our Volunteers

Too numerous to mention them all; too important to leave out. Our Volunteers are the life blood of the Society.