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Historically Lewis

Home of the Lewis County Historical Society

Some years ago, the State of New York began a historic roadside marker program, placing blue cast iron site markers with yellow lettering along roadsides around the State to provide a story about certain historic locations and events around the State (see Historic Roadside Markers). Unfortunately, that program has been discontinued, and the State of New York no longer maintains those signs, leaving it to local governments or concerned historians to do so. And as you might expect, as the paint degrades over time due to weather and mistreatment, the signs begin to rust. 

Apparently believing in the benefit of historic roadside markers, both private and public parties have since begun to erect additional signs conforming to the State’s requirements, either through grants given out by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation or other funding initiatives, but, again, unfortunately no provision has been made for the maintenance of any of these markers.

Accordingly, members of the Historical Society’s Preservation Committee have stepped forward and begun a program to preserve and maintain these markers, by clearing brush around these markers, straightening them, sanding them and repainting them.

If you are aware of markers needing maintenance, please call the Lewis County Historical Society at 315-376-8957 and let us know.